To Submit:
1: provide an image link with the size 1000×1000 on submition form.
2: complete all reliant fields on the submition form below.

1: Image link for the directory must be a 1000×1000.
(Your Asset image size can be larger or smaller, but a 1000×1000 must be provided to display on the Fakeapeclub directory)

2: Image size should not be over 10mb, if so please message

3:Issuance must be Locked

4:No divisible assets.

5: No NSFW content.

6:Minimum token supply is 1 and Maximum token supply is 21K.
Burn as described below after submission is accepted.
Supply 100+ burn 100k
Supply 69-99 burn 150k
Supply 69-50 burn 200k
Supply 21-49 burn 250k
Supply 15-20 burn 400k
Supply 10-14 burn 500k
Supply 5-9 burn 650k
Supply 2-4 burn 800k
Supply 1 burn 1 million

7:No websites links or QR codes

8:Do not distribute your meme/NFT before being added to the directory.

Any deviations of these rules must be agreed upon before submission, contact @DOGESTYLEEE or @OelaKar if you have a request outside of these guidlines, or if you are unsure about the process or rules.

Dev. Wallet

Once submitted, your submission will be reviewed by the Fake Ape Scientists.